Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Broken lights Save Money

Broken lights Save Money.

This is a 100-watt metal halide light fixture. It can be replaced with a 100-watt equivalent light fixture made with LED bulbs. With an electricity rate of 15 cents per kW, replacing this energy hog will save the customer $393.12 per year. (assuming it is on 8 hours a night 7 days a week). Over a to year life of this fixture the saving adds up to $3,931.00.  That figure assumes the energy rate doesn't go up. That would be nice, but we all know that is not a likely outcome.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A new kind of heating System

Modern builders not only save money by being more efficient That also:
  • Can be zoned so that your home can be more evenly heated
  • Are wall hung and take up less floor space. Can be easily hidden in a utility closet
  • Are quite and do not make the same amount of noise as the older system
  • Also double as an on demand hot water heater. 

Open Junction Boxes under Sink

Often  dangers hide in the back of homeowners kitchen cabinets. Here is an open Junction box that is being used to power a garbage disposer. The open box can easily start a fire or cause an accidental electrocution of an unsuspecting homeowner looking for something under the sink 

When zoomed in you can see a wire connector that no professional electrician would use for this application. This work was clearly done by some unqualified handyman or unlicensed "Electrician"  

Rusted out Meter Socket 

This is a warning sign of an electrical service that is failing. Rust on the electrical contacts introduces microarching. This arcs may not cause a power failure but they will degrade you power quality and possibly damage sensitive electronics in your home.