Thursday, April 7, 2016

It was a sparking wire.

"9-11 Queen Village. TV mount hung by painters sparked and shorted a tv. Put up another TV and it's getting sparks too. She had someone else check to make sure mount hardware wasn't hitting a live wire - they said it's not but she's still seeing sparks. Wants to make sure mount isn't hitting live wire, see if maybe there's a power surge? etc.

Age of Home: 20plusyears 
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Message: Issue with electric conducting through a wall mount TV"

This what we found. A staple finally worked is way through the outer plastics jacket of the wire. This happens when a staple is installed too tight. As the plasticizer in the wire dry out the staple eventually breaks through. This type of problem is called arching. Standard circuit breakers will not trip when wire arch. This can cause house fires. Modern AFCI breakers are designed to solve this type of fire hazard.


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