Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Power Outage Safety

We’re known to have some severe rain storms in Philadelphia during the spring season. After all, April showers bring May flowers, right? And heavy rains and strong winds are the perfect recipe for power outages than can leave thousands of homeowners in the dark. So, how you can you and your family stay safe during a blackout? Find out below:

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Even though they might seem harmless, never go near a downed line. In most cases, they are still active and filled with electricity so call your local utility company right away.
  • Have flashlights and batteries on hand. While lighting candles can give off light, they can be dangerous especially if left unattended.
  • In order to prevent food from spoiling, keep the fridge closed as often as possible.
  • Unplug electrical devices and appliances to prevent a surge once power is restored.
  • Stay put. Travel can be dangerous especially if traffic lights have also been affected by the storm.

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