Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Metering your own electric

There are some situation where it is better for a Landlord or homeowner to meter their own electric. 

The little box on the right is call an E-mon D-mon. This is called a submeter. In this situation the owner is responsible for paying the main electrical bill to PECO and the tenet pay the owner according to how much the meter says that used. This product can be found at http://www.emon.com

Other situation customers want to track their own usage. This is a Ted the energy detective. With this product a homeowner can view their real time energy usage. There is even a option to meter individual circuits. This way you can see exactly what circuits are costing you the most money. More info can be found here.  http://www.theenergydetective.com

GEN3 can help with these products.