Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Scary Truth About Fuse Boxes

Was your house built over 50 years ago? If so, chances are it could still be operating with on a fuse box system. Back in the day, a home’s electrical system only required about 60 amps of total capacity and this clearly isn’t the case today.

Both fuses and circuit breakers are designed to prevent a circuit overload. So, what’s so bad about fuses? Put simply, they’re just not designed to meet the today’s energy demands. Just think about that toaster oven in your kitchen. Ever notice how hot the wire can get?

We use much more electricity today than ever before. Think about all of the electronic devices in your kitchen alone. Now take a look in your living room, you probably can’t even count the number of devices on both hands. Fuse boxes only had room for four 15-amp circuits and a single 30-amp 220-volt circuit for a stove or water heater. Most homes built today have 150 or 200 amps of capacity with a great deal of individual circuits.

So if you live in an older Philadelphia home and only have 60-amp service, you need to upgrade right away. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself at major risk of electrical dangers including fires.

GEN3 Electric is the old wiring replacement experts in the Philadelphia Metro Area. We’ve been providing upgrade services for homeowners for three generations so you know you can count on us! Give us a call today at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment.


  1. I was literally surprised to notice that there was no power supply in my home, whereas my neighbours were watching their favourite show on television. It was necessary for me to replace a faulty fuse immediately, so I called up the professional electrician in the region to avoid risk, and they restored electrical connection within minutes.

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