Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shop for Lighting at home with GEN3

Lighting in Philadelphia Metro

Solves you lighting problems: 

GEN3 electric is offering new lighting service for homeowners who are doing house rewires with us. We have a corporate account with This allows our customers to do their shopping online. With the huge selection of fixture you are bound to find something that fits your home.

GEN3 electric's  Lighting Guarantee:

Buying lighting is has it's risks. For customers who use our lighting service GEN3 extends our warranty to cover the lights we purchased for you through our Wayfair business account.  So when the fixture you picked out is a dud GEN3 simply replaces it at no charge to you.  


  1. Gene electric lighting have energy saver bulbs that consume less energy and give you maximum light in minimum bill to do your greatessay work. It is the best option for house or work lighting.


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