Friday, January 8, 2016

Replacement of a 6 gang Meter

This is in the basement of an apartment building in Philadelphia PA. It is the main electrical panel. This was originally installed in the 1969s. 

A new wall was constructed as a foundation for the Meter slackers and circuit breaker boxes. 

Here are the new meters and panels. This project took more time to plan then smaller homes. But the planing and prep paid off. The tenets were only without power for less then a day. 

The cost for a project like this is close to $2,000 a panel. This includes the wall, the demo, grounding and taps the underground feeder in the street. The price for an emergency outage could be twice as much. Outdated service equipment is one of the primary cause lately of fire in older homes. Fires are much mare costly. 


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