Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Equip Your Home With Connected Lighting

Thinking about upgrading your home to a smart lighting system? With lots of options on the market you’ll be able to mix and match products that fit your style. While you may want to automate every single switch and bulb in your home at once, it’s better to start with a foundation that you can build upon down the road.

Color-changing bulbs inside the house? Why would you need that? While you may not want your bulbs changing color on a regular basis, it can be a huge benefit if they are connected to your smoke detectors or security system. Now you’ll know for sure when there is an emergency!

Now that you’ve picked out the smart bulbs you want, you’re going to need to automate the switches. Since you’ve got a lot of wiring to deal with, we recommend leaving this job to the professionals. They’ll be sure to disconnect your old switch properly and replace it with the smart one.

Once you have your lights and switches ready to go, you can focus on controlling them with your voice. The Amazon Echo smart speaker is a great option and works with Alexa, the voice-activated cloud-connected Al.

Want to learn more about smart lighting and upgrading your home’s devices? Contact the experts at GEN3 Electric today. We’re up-to-date on the latest technology and gadgets and have the knowledge and tools to install them for you!

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