Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To Get Clean Electricity When The Sun Goes Down

Interested in going “Green”? WindStream Technologies has introduced a hybrid rooftop energy system that combines solar panels and wind turbines to deliver clean energy. Now you can enjoy electricity via your solar panels even after the sun goes down.

The Make Up
This 1.2 kW SolarMill is comprised of three 300W solar panels and three Savonius wind turbines. It measures 10’ wide by 10’ deep by 7’ high, weighs in at 375 pounds and is designed to sit on top of your roof. How much energy can it produce? Under optimal conditions, claims have been made that it can produce up to 135 kWh per month.

What Does It Offer?
If “very high” renewable energy density is something you’d like to incorporate into your lifestyle, this is the system for you! Even after the sun goes down, the SolarMill unit can produce clean electricity. As long as wind speeds are 4.5mph, the unit will produce power.

We love hearing about advancements in “green” energy, especially when it comes to electricity. But for now, when you need electrical service in the Philadelphia Metro area you know you can count on the experts at GEN3 Electric!

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