Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The 411 On Outlets

Outlets come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve probably seen a variety in your everyday travels or even in your own home, but why do they look different? In most cases, the different shapes, or the amount of “holes” are there for a reason. Find out about some of the common outlet types and functions below:

Two-Pronged: the two-pronged receptacle is among the most basic types of outlets. They only have two holes and they are designed to provide electricity to plugged in appliances.

Grounded Receptacle: this is your standard three-prong outlet. The third, or ground, prong helps reduce the risk of electrical and protects your devices from damage.

Tamper-Resistant: ever notice a tiny “TR” on an outlet? These come equipped with a built-in system that prevents objects from being inserted into the outlet unless equal pressure from both sides is applied - as is the case with a plug.

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter: you find these outlets located near sources of water. They prevent electrical shock by shutting off quickly if the power flowing into the circuit differs from the power returning.

USB Receptacle: an increase in “smart technology” called for a change in outlets. USB receptacles provide permanent Universal Serial Bus connection sources. So you can plug your smartphone, or any other USB device, charger directly into them.

We want to remind you to always have outlets installed by a licensed electrician. Contact GEN3 Electric today to find out more about outlets and electrical safety - we’re waiting to hear from you!

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