Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Perfect Lighting Solutions For Each Room Of Your Home

Ever hear of the saying “one size fits all”? That may be the case with certain things, but definitely not when it comes to lighting fixtures. Each room of your home serves a different purpose, right? So why use the same lighting design throughout? Find out some of the best lighting options for each room of your house below:

Living/Family Rooms
In a room where you spend long periods of time with friends and family engaging in activities like watching TV, reading or enjoying a conversation it’s important to incorporate the concept of layering light. Instead of recessed lighting try using fixtures that bounce light off the ceiling. A few options we love include cove and valance lighting with fluorescent bulbs.

Chances are you don’t cook or prepare food in the living room right? So why use the same lighting fixtures in your kitchen? The kitchen is a room of the house that requires task lighting as well as ambient lighting if it also serves as a gathering place. Locating your sink near a window allows you to take full advantage of natural light, but it should also be accompanied by a recessed or ceiling mounted fixture so you’re not left in the dark when the sun goes down. We also recommend taking advantage of under-cabinet lights (UCLs) to make the most of your countertop space.

Because grooming is a major activity that takes place in the bathroom, it’s important to have adequate lighting that won’t cast a shadow. Stay away from central ceiling fixtures and focus your attention towards lighting fixtures on either side of the mirror.

Ready to make some lighting upgrades? Is it time to redesign the lighting plan in your home? Give GEN3 Electric a call today to schedule an appointment or to speak with an expert electrician to discuss further.

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