Friday, December 19, 2014

Main service equipment is incorrectly installed

Summary of Findings-
•The existing main service equipment is incorrectly installed with no individual disconnects for each unit and inadequate grounding system. -
•The following estimate describes what is necessary to safely correct this safety issue.-

•Using the existing 4 gang meter socket: -
•Install 4 individual 100 amp disconnects with offset nipples from meter sockets. -
•Install new conductors from meter sockets into each disconnect. -
 Install existing SER into each disconnect 
•Properly separate grounds and neutrals as required within the panel for the common area.

Install 2 new ground rods and conductors for 200 amp main equipment 
Correct the grounding connection at water entrance. 
Install jumper around water meter 
Install a bonding jumper across 4 gas meters as requested by PGW
Cost valid while performing above correction work.

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