Thursday, June 5, 2014

Algae Power

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It seems that algae is becoming the "greenest" new energy source!

 "For the past year, exhaust from MIT’s main power plant has been bubbling up through tubes of algae soup. The result? A dramatic cut in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions—and abundant algae that can be turned into biofuel for the power plant or a diesel vehicle. Utility companies have been watching field trials of the algae-soup system with keen interest, hoping to combine low-cost exhaust cleanup with renewable-fuel production."

"It’s hard not to find the algae system appealing.  If you look at this process from beginning to end, you’ve turned your pollution into storable green fuel.  The technology is exciting because it touches on both energy and the environment in a unique way.”

One day soon Generation 3 Electric will be installing these in houses!  Do you think we will need a green thumb?

Check out the articles below for some fascinating new technology!

The Algae Battery

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