Friday, May 23, 2014

GEN3 Wishes Everyone a Safe And Happy Memorial Day!

Generation 3 Electric, Memorial Day

Your friendly neighborhood electricians wish everyone a safe and
happy holiday weekend!  If you haven't scheduled an estimate for
some new ceiling fans, an outdoor GFCI outlet or a dedicated A/C line,
hurry because summer is short.....and hot!  Give us a call!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Old Wiring Woes

electrified squirrel, electricity dangers
Don't depend on PECO to stay on top of
your outdoor wiring, just look at these photos!
Have your home checked by a licensed electrician,
inside and out.  These wires caught fire, but 
luckily, no one was seriously hurt, except the squirrel.
It could have been a disaster.
Remember,  your home's electrical wiring does
not last forever.  It should be checked and
possibly rewired every 20 years.  There are so many 
older homes here in the Philadelphia area.  
Protect yourself and your family,  do a visual inspection 
yourself for any obvious danger signs.  Then,
schedule an electrical inspection with a 
licensed professional.
wiring failure, frayed, burned out wiring, PECO wire

wiring failure, frayed, burned out wiring

wiring failure, frayed, burned out wiring, PECO wire

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An Electrician's Work of Art



                               Upgrading your home's electric is also an art!
                                Today we use so much more power than
                                 we did only 20 years ago.  If your electrical
                                 system is over 20 years old,  give Gen 3 a
                                 call.  We will bring you up to date!


Electrical Panels, Generation 3 Electric


Monday, May 12, 2014

Enjoying Spring with Philly Neighbors

GEN3 Supports Philadelphia Community Events

Baby Rose bringing sunshine to Philly neighbors.
May brings spring flowers and GEN3, your friendly neighborhood electrician, out to participate in the various community events with their Philly neighbors. The rose bushes may be sprouting buds but Baby Rose was in full bloom enjoying a day out in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill with her GEN3 balloon last weekend.  She was even nice enough to share!   No one could resist the opportunity to meet Rose and the GEN3 team at their booth.  Spring savings were shared with homeowners who stopped to talk with Bill & Debbie Lutz, owners of GEN3 Electric, discussing the value of a Home Inspection Report Card and answering electrical questions.

Mt. Airy Day at Cliveden
Bill & Debbie Lutz at GEN3 table.
May 3rd was GEN3’s second year attending and sponsoring Mt. Airy Day.   The beautiful Saturday spent in the park allowed time for GEN3 team members including Josh T. to meet with Philly neighbors and former clients while enjoying great food and live entertainment.

 Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival on Germantown Avenue
Baby Rose sharing her GEN3 balloon.
Bill joining the fun on Germantown Ave.
Electrical services is easy compared to tying balloons.
GEN3 was proud to support Chestnut Hill’s Home and Garden Festival for the first time this year. Rain and chill threatened to ruin our day in the morning but we wouldn't allow it to dampen our spirits.  The day blossomed into a lovely afternoon. Rose again greeted neighbors and potential new clients and even managed to enjoy an afternoon snooze on the steps of the post office just behind our booth.  We also enjoyed saying hello to our fellow electricians from Stahl Electric. Jose A joined Bill and Debbie for the afternoon to help GEN3 team answer homeowner’s electrical questions.

GEN3 will be heading to Montgomery County at the end of May to attend community events in Plymouth Meeting. Come out and meet us. You’ll find out that GEN3 really is your friendly neighborhood electricians!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Generation 3 Electric will be at May Fair!

Generation 3 Electric will be at May Fair!  Saturday, May 10th.
We will be featuring big savings on electrical repairs and upgrades.
Clark Park, Philadelphia, PA

This year’s May Fair will feature local musical groups, food from some of the best trucks working in University City, and a raffle with terrific prizes.
There will be many local artists and crafts persons with gifts for graduations and Mother’s Day, plants on sale by the UC Garden Club, used books for $1 each, and groups and organizations offering information about their causes.
For more information, click the link below.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Check Your Outlets!


A neglected outlet will eventually fail and possibly cause costly damages.Ideally, outlets should be replaced every 20 years.Check your outlets!  If you see one that resemblesthe one in the video above, take action.Keep yourself and your family safe, have your electrical systemchecked by a licensed professional, like Generation 3 Electric.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PPA Blues

Generation 3 Electric, PPA

Just spoke with the PPA. The "More than 1/2, or both axles or 4/5 of your vehicle in
 the spot is ok" is not accurate.
Officially they can write a ticket if 1" of your bumper is outside of the sign post.
"Up to the discretion of the person writing the ticket."
Give us all a break PPA!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mount Airy Day's youngest Electrician

We are enjoying our customers stopping by and saying hello here in Mt Airy Day. Baby Rose is show off the GEN3 balloons. 

Under Cabinet Lighting... Fluorescent or LED?

led tape lights, under cabinet lights
We can install either one for you.  The fluorescent ones are very bright
and have independent unit dimmers.  They use much more electricity too.
The LED tape lights can be used with an electronic, low voltage dimmer
switch on the wall. Our Insteon switches work well with them.
 They use much less electricity and last longer.  
Our electricians can make them both look fabulous!  Which do you prefer?

led tape lights, under cabinet lights

fluorescent lights, under cabinet lights

fluorescent under cabinet lights

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What do you think?

wacky wiring, electrician

One of our electricians took this picture in a customer's basement.
All of us in the office wonder how our guys figure these things out.
It resembled a cave of bats to us!
If your wiring looks like this...please call an electrician!