Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GEN3's Back to School

Debbie and Baby Rose 'Raising a Hand' to help Jackson.
Recently, an anonymous donor gifted Andrew Jackson Elementary School with a large flat screen TV for use at the school’s entrance, to inform parents and visitors about upcoming events and programs. The principal, Lisa Kaplan, was concerned about how to get this generous gift put to good use since there was no money budgeted for the installation of the TV. When a GEN3 customer affiliated with the school heard about the dilemma, he advised the principal to reach out to GEN3 Electric to install the TV for them.

After visiting the school and talking with Ms. Kaplan, GEN3 Owners, Bill and Debbie Lutz, decided to donate a mount for the TV, the time and materials to install it, and to make sure it was safely powered and connected before the start of school.

Soon after, another parent at Jackson reached out to GEN3 about an issue in the school’s music room. Debbie returned to the school to check on GEN3’s progress on the TV installation and see if she could meet with the school's music teacher, Chris Argerakis. Debbie, Dave (GEN3 licensed electrician) and Mr. Argerakis toured the Music Room and found that there were simply not enough outlets to power the keyboards and amps used by the students for the school’s Rock Band program, “Home.” Not to mention, the floor was a nest of extension cords. The music room was originally set up to have enough outlets around the perimeter, but to date all of the outlets have not been installed and a few are broken. GEN3 scheduled a return service visit to the school to fix the broken outlets and install several new outlets.    

“With budget cuts in many public schools, extracurricular activities like ‘Home’ are negatively affected,” explains Debbie. “Mr. Argerakis was able to find creative ways to keep the Rock Band program alive by soliciting donations of a variety of instruments and other equipment from local instrument manufacturers and the community. As Philly’s friendly neighborhood electrician, we thought our donation of time and materials in completing the unfinished electrical work to the music room was the least we could do to help this program continue in a safe environment for these music students.”

To learn more about Andrew Jackson School’s Rock Band Program, ‘Home’, click below:

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