Monday, July 29, 2013

GEN4 is Six Months Old!

She’s Electric!

Baby Rose turned six months old recently and Generation 3 Electric wants to brag about her. As a member of four generations of entrepreneurs, you can see by Rose’s picture, she LOVE’s to juggle work and play. Rose has big shoes – or should we say, jackets – to fill if she chooses to become a business owner like her father, grandfather and great grandfather.

As a fellow resident of Philadelphia, Rose likes to participate in local community events like the PSCA Fall and Spring Clean Up and Mt. Airy Day. She loves being outdoors, trying new foods at restaurants around town and, of course, playing with GEN3’s mascot, Oggi.

Rose “Bud”, as she is lovingly referred to, can sit up and is trying to crawl around the office. She is not speaking yet but has her own language that only Oggi understands. What do you think will be Rose’s first words – Dada, Mama or Oggi?
Stay tuned to GEN3 to follow Baby Rose and to learn more about your friendly, family-focused and family-owned, neighborhood electricians, GEN3 Electric.

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