Monday, July 29, 2013

GEN4 is Six Months Old!

She’s Electric!

Baby Rose turned six months old recently and Generation 3 Electric wants to brag about her. As a member of four generations of entrepreneurs, you can see by Rose’s picture, she LOVE’s to juggle work and play. Rose has big shoes – or should we say, jackets – to fill if she chooses to become a business owner like her father, grandfather and great grandfather.

As a fellow resident of Philadelphia, Rose likes to participate in local community events like the PSCA Fall and Spring Clean Up and Mt. Airy Day. She loves being outdoors, trying new foods at restaurants around town and, of course, playing with GEN3’s mascot, Oggi.

Rose “Bud”, as she is lovingly referred to, can sit up and is trying to crawl around the office. She is not speaking yet but has her own language that only Oggi understands. What do you think will be Rose’s first words – Dada, Mama or Oggi?
Stay tuned to GEN3 to follow Baby Rose and to learn more about your friendly, family-focused and family-owned, neighborhood electricians, GEN3 Electric.

Monday, July 22, 2013



With temperatures reaching near and above the 100 degree mark, comes along the need to run more cooling appliances in the home. With running more appliances during the summer months we find that is when most homeowners notice that they have an issue within the homes  electrical panel. We all know that when a circuit tripps that is the #1 sign of an overload.  It is very common to have more issues with tripping breakers when you introduce more appliances to your panel, due to your panels inability to handle the amount of power being requested, which typically means you need a panel upgrade or a dedicated line for your window air conditioning unit. 

Generation 3 Electric promotes safety, so we would like to give you a few tips to keep you safe in your home this summer.

1. If you have an issue with tripping breakers when plugging in an air conditioner be sure to 1st power down or unplug any appliances that are not being used at the moment, this may help free up some power and allow you to run your air conditioning unit, this is an very temporary solution, but a panel upgrade is required.

2. If you need a 3 prong outlet and you have an 2 prong outlet instead of using a extension cord, try purchasing an outlet converter. An outlet converter costs no more than $5 at your local hardware or home depot, with this device you simply plug it into your 2 prong outlet converting it into a 3 prong, and with that device an extension cord is not needed.

3. If you are using an extension cord due to the fact you do not have a working outlet located near your air conditioning unit we strongly advise you have and outlet installed in that location. we are currently running a special for those who need to have an outlet installation for the purpose of an window air conditioning unit just contact us here at Generation 3 Electric 215-512-4102.

4. The best way to assure safety is to have your homes electrical system evaluated by an licensed professional. 

We strongly advise against the use of extension cords, they come with many hazards and cause fires. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picture Of The Month

Picture Of The Month

Gen3 always comes up with new and exciting things, so starting this month we will now showcase " Pictures Of The Month".

 These pictures will be interesting pictures taken from actual jobs sites sent in by the Electricians here at Gen3.
 Out of the entry's we will then select one picture to be showcased as the Picture Of The Month and the lucky  entry winner will receive an gift courtesy of the boss.

You can help us pick the winner!  We will upload all entry's in the last week of the month and the winner will be showcased every 1st Monday of the month. The pictures will include a brief description that will explain why the electrician feels the picture entry is interesting. So stay tuned for all the exciting pictures brought to you by our team here at Generation 3 Electric Inc.

100 AMP meter socket 
This picture was sent in by David Cusson, this picture is interesting due to the simple fact its not everyday that we get a service call to install a meter on a pole for a food truck. This meter was installed for "Richies Lunch Box" the technician had to install a rider cable directly to the peco lines located on the top of the pole, this was the technicians 1st time doing such a job, and thats why David Cusson has been chosen as June's winner. 
Rider cable installed for food truck meter