Friday, June 21, 2013

Panel Location

The location of your panel can be detrimental to your homes electrical system. We know that it is often best to locate the panel as close to heavy load centers, like the kitchen or a utility room. You must be aware that it is MANY rules in regards to panel location alone, so it is best to have several different reference sources when looking into or gathering information on locating your panel.  Gen3 has seen some very unique locations for panels over the years, Some being in locations that we strongly advise against, for the most obvious of reason...  if the location of your panel is interfering with its effectiveness, more than likely we would suggest it be relocated. 

A panel located near water or moisture in a home is strongly advised against, moisture can create lots of issues in your homes electrical system, it can rust the circuits or breakers  causing power outages thru home, flickering lights, constantly tripping breakers and it can get as dangerous as an electrical fire. Moisture to an electrical panel, is as serious as water is to an plugged in appliance. 

A bad location for a panel in a store

 Having Full Access to your panel is also very important, in the basic guidelines for panel location it gives you an generalized measurement to follow to assure the panel has space to breath. A panel should be easy to access and find and should not be located near Flammable materials . The panel should not be obstructed for purposes of accessibility, physicality and safety. In the event of an house fire a firman will try to locate the homes panel to cut power to the home so obstructing the panel can be deadly.

If you feel your service panel is in a hazardous location you should consider moving it immediately.

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