Monday, May 6, 2013

Electicians Picture OF The Week


 Hazardous Panel 

This is an actual picture taken of a panel in a west Philadelphia home, Upon looking at this picture you first notice that this is not a proper amount of circuit breakers being used for a 3 floor 3 bedroom home. The second issue would be the excessive amount of rust which can only indicate the presence of moisture. Moisture can cause a number of hazards within your electrical system. In this situation the system was so badly damaged and hazardous we had to cut the power supply to the panel immediately to avoid electrical fire. The customer called into the office for an electrician to come check out what she believed to be a "dead short", a minor issue.

We urge all our homeowners to call a Licensed Professional Electrician for all your electrical concerns or needs.   

The customers Diagnosis was a "dead short", the Licensed Electrician Diagnosis was "Customer had badly rusted and oxidized service equipment. Currently has half home without power due to panel issues. Expert Opinion is to Replace panel with a 100 AMP/20 Circuit Panel".

Never try to diagnosis your homes electrical system unless you are trained to do so,  If you're experiencing power outages in your home it may be a sign of a hazardous situation, PLEASE CALL A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL, If you cannot afford one try calling Electricians that offer Free Estimates like us here at Generation 3 Electric, Even tho you may not be prepared to have your work done, you will be made aware of what to do and not to do until you are prepared.



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