Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Securing Loose Wires


When purchasing an older home, Most of the time you will find lots of loose wires and cables throughout the basement. When coming into a situation like that, you must keep in mind that you don't know what those wires were being used for, or if the wires are still in some use.

It is never wise or safe to cut loose wires, if they are in the way try to secure them by tying them together or getting them out of the way the best you can.
Sometimes we find devices that are in bad shape, but are hard wired, its never in your best interest to attempt to disconnect or deal with such things if you come across them in your home, especially if you have no knowledge as to what the device is...

The best way to be safe and to secure your wires is to call the professionals. We have a team of licensed professionals to assist you in these type of situations. we can safely test remove and secure loose wires and devices, making your home is free of any shock or electrocution hazards that loose or even live wires can cause.   

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