Friday, March 29, 2013

Loose outlets?

How do you know if your outlets are good?  Are the outlets in your home a strong 24ozs of connection strength or are they a weak 16ozs? Do you have a dangerous situation with 10ozs or less. Having loose, broken and damaged outlet is a huge fire risk.  At Generation 3 Electric we go out to several close call fire situations every year that occur because of loose connections at the outlet. So much so, we now use this tension tester to check exactly how bad of a connection an outlet has. Having an outlet professionally replaced is very inexpensive compared to having a house fire. I can only imagine how many of these outlets that have started fires- and instead of the one call to the electrical company there are now several calls being made: One to the fire department, Then to a hotel ,an insurance adjuster, and a general contractor to repair the problem. The general contractor is going to call the electrician so you are best off cutting out the middle men and call your electrician to make sure you are safe.  

A good rule of thumb for outlets is they need to be replaced every 20 years. This should make sense to most people when you think about it. An outlet is mostly made out of plastic. 20 year old plastic become week and brittle. They are no different from any other plastic products you may have purchased in the late 1980 or early 1990. Wait there is one difference:  Broken and weak outlets can cause fire!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why can't I use the Neutral wire on my ground?


 This is why! Someone Tied the ground and neutral together on this 1960's green cloth romex. The ground wire shorted out. Since 1960 grounds are smaller then the neutral path this wire heated up like it was a toaster coil. Now the only safe way to restore power to the lights and outlets on this circuit would be to replace the wire.

If you look closely at this wire you can see the burn mark made by the over heating ground wire. It clearly follows the the center path of the wire. That center path is where the ground wire is set in the cable. This homeowner was lucky because they were able to smell the wire heating up before it caught fire. It is very likely that this problem could have occurred in other sections of the wire. 

The solution to this problem is to replace this circuit with new wiring. Updating this wiring will also add some additional safety. Instead of the cloth jack newer wiring comes with a tougher plastic jacket. The ground wire will be as large as the other conductors. Most importantly this circuit will be split in to 3 circuit and then protected with modern AFCI circuit breakers.   

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Best We Can Do...

Our reputation of being the best electricians in Philadelphia did not come easy, we deliver quality service no matter how big or small the job, At times we receive calls from customers who have the perfect idea for adding lighting to their home, but feels it may be difficult to execute due to the structure of the home, so here is a example of work completed to a satisfied customers condo who wanted to add additional lighting to a non traditional structure... 

This shows the before and after work of a track lighting installation in a condo with high wood ceilings, Wood ceilings makes it a bit more difficult than installation to the typical  drywall ceiling, as you can see the end result is beautiful, it gave the wall the perfect amount of lighting adding accents to the art display..
Track lighting is the perfect choice when working with this structure of ceilings,  track lighting has all the same benefits of recessed lighting just less invasive. And tract lighting adds the perfect amount of lighting to a specific area, and depending on the style of track lighting it can also add style and design to the area track lighting is known for its unique styles...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Your Friendly Neighborhood Electrician's

Chad Jeffries holding "Rose" daughter of Bill & Debbie Lutz

Here we have Bill and Chad with baby Rose, Bill is now juggling Being the best father and the best electrician in Philadelphia. Here at G3E we understand the life of the average working family, that's why we are fair with pricing and focused on delivering quality work, We keep the safety of you and your family 1st, providing thorough service while  assuring satisfaction, So this Spring when your upgrading or adding lighting or for that project you have in mind, call your friendly neighborhood electricians G3E

Baby Rose with Dad enjoying a day in the office 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Panel Upgrade by G3E

The Before
This is a photo of a "Service Upgrade" Before we had the opportunity to have our team of licensed G3E professionals on the job, in this job we had a customer with a outdated and old panel that caused the home to have flickering lights, In this case the customer had lots of damage to the Panel due to moisture, location is very important when installing a panel and one of the main reasons is to avoid exposure to moisture.  Remember it is always in your best interest to call on the professionals especially when dealing with electricity. 

The After

Here at generation 3 Electric we take pride in the quality of our work, because we know our reputation stands on your satisfaction...