Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maintaining your homes electrical systems

Homeowners are faced with the responsibility of maintaining the homes electrical system, And with the many problems that can arise,  most of them can he hazardous or even deadly, Its  always in your best interest to have your homes electrical repairs and inspections handled by a Licensed Professional. Being Licensed means you are up to date with any regulations and code requirements, Where an unlicensed electrician may not be...

Think of your Electrical Panel as the brain... It processes all requests for electricity to be sent to every room of your home whether a light is turned on, something is being plugged in or turning on power to an appliance, all those things are processed from the panel where the electrical current is sent from to the location where power is needed. So lets say you have a brain with 60 amps of power, but your trying to run 100 amps of power, it causes your homes brain to shut down, because of its inability to process the request, and that's when your breaker "pops"...

This is the most common of problems and many homeowners don't know that this problem has the potential to be a very dangerous one. Some older homes sometimes have outdated wiring and are unable to handle the power demands of today's modern appliances, At times we see that the wiring is not hazardous, and a simple "Panel Upgrade" is required, older homes commonly have 60 amps of power, when more modern home's have 100 amps of power or more to accommodate the power demand of  modern appliances.

Upgraded panel box by G3E
So one way of being safe is to be sure your Panel can handle the current of electricity being used in your home, and assure your wiring is not hazardous, hazardous wiring can cause a electrical fire, that can start in the walls of your home and quickly become uncontrollable and even deadly. So if you find yourself having to constantly reset your breaker due to them constantly popping call us and we will come out to survey your homes electrical system.

 Here at G3E we promote safety and encourage homeowners to seek the assistance of a licensed professional for all electrical needs.

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