Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working Hard To Avoid Storm Damage And Power Failures

Every year we face that season we refer to as "storm season", and for some it can bring on unwanted stress. A storm can damage your homes electrical system in a number of ways, and their is only way to avoid storm damage and that is to have your home's electrical system inspected by a licensed Electrician. A licensed Electrician can identify what can be hazardous or faulty in the event of a storm and also give you cost effective options to avoid any severe damage or power outage, Many times we see damages that could of been avoided with proper preparation. Generation 3 Electric says the only way to be prepared is to be aware. 

High winds and excessive rain, hail or snow can turn a minor electrical issue into a major problem, here are a few of the most common electrical issues due to storms...
  • Flooded electrical circuits
  • Partial Power outage (not due to PECO)
  • Loose outdoor cables  
  • Damaged outdoor wiring  


When the Licensed Electrician evaluates your electrical system he will pay close attention to the outdoor wiring and cables that provide electricity to your home, Outdoor wiring stands front line with storms so it is very important to be sure those wires/cables can hold up thru the storm months. And some home owners may not know that all the outdoor wiring is not the responsibility of PECO to repair in the event of damage. Safety is also a very important issue, some homes with older wiring we refer to as "Knob & Tube" has issues that cannot simply be repaired if damaged, due to outdated wiring so that would mean a total rewire, So Generation 3 Electric urges you to be prepared this winter,  have your home inspected so that you are  aware of your homes electrical systems to avoid some problems in the future.