Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lighting Upgrades

This photo shows the mild damage done to the ceiling after installing recess lighting to one of our satisfied customers of south Philadelphia's home last week. We know sometimes we have homeowners who wants to make those additions or upgrades to their home's but worry about the extent of the damages associated with such work, Well Generation 3 Electric would like to ease your worries, and show you real pics taken on the work site last week, and as you can see very minimal damage means very minimal clean up and repair left for you to do...

Upside down Ceiling  pic after 1st coat

We take pride in leaving each work site in the best shape possible, after working in your ceilings/walls we provide the bottom coat, meaning we close the opening leaving the 1st coat, so the home owner is only left to do minimal repair witch is normally as simple as adding just one more coat of Spackle and paint, tho in some cases such as in a full home rewire the damage may be more extensive witch the home owner will be aware of before the work begins, Our techs remove all trash as well so when your upgrade or addition is complete your left to enjoy it as much as possible.

So when considering adding lighting to your living room, leave the worries to us, we guarantee we will find the less invasive way to accommodate your needs, and will discuss every point of the job with you at time of consult, we remove all trash, taking to be recycled and we always keep in mind that your satisfaction is our reputation.


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