Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving Back to the Community

With the recent events of Hurricane Sandy still affecting many areas on the east coast it is important to take a moment and remember the significance of community and neighborhood support.  Not only does it connect people with their neighbors and the area that they live in but, it also provides security and structure especially in times of need. 

Those at Generation 3 Electric understand the necessity of staying active in the community! Building relationships and helping maintain neighborhood safety and cleanliness are just a few steps that help create a quality community for all. 

PSCA Annual Children’s Halloween Party
Community member is action Oct 21st, 2012
On October 21 the Passyunk Square Civic Association held its annual Children’s Halloween Party at Gold Star Park. This event was free to the community and offered lots of great Halloween activities for the younger members of the neighborhood. The Gen 3 team donated goodie bags for the cause!  Inside the bags were tasty Halloween treats and a fun coloring book featuring some electrical safety tips.  Gen 3 knows how important it is to educate children on electrical safety and this was the perfect way to spread the message while participating in a fun local event!

PSCA Fall Clean-Up Day 
Bill Lutz supports PSCA fall clean up dayThe Passyunk Square Civic Association also gathered up neighbors and helping hands for its Fall Clean-Up Day this past Saturday, October 27th.  Just in time to clean up before Sandy made her visit, the community worked together to clear the streets of trash and debris.  Gen 3 was on site supporting the clean-up efforts as well! Not only are they the first to call with all of your electrical needs but, they also make pretty decent street cleaners too. Just look how effortlessly Bill handles that broom! Bill Lutz, owner of Gen 3, had a great time helping with the clean-up efforts. Everyone at Gen 3 knows that giving a little back to the community will help keep the neighborhood thriving with happy residents and businesses alike.

generation 3 electric helps to cleans up in philadelphiaFall Clean-Up Day was definitely a productive and beneficial day for the entire community. The Gen 3 crew handed out over 50 recycling bins to the neighborhood and picked up over 50 bags of trash! Great job to all who lent a helping hand in the efforts. For more information about Generation 3 Electric, visit:

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