Monday, November 12, 2012

Gen3 Goes to the Dogs for PAWS

The Generation 3 Electric team showed their support for the four-legged members of the Philadelphia community November 3rd joining dogs and dog lovers alike at FDR park for the annual PAWS Mutt Strut!
PAWS is Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter. With their numerous adoption locations, special events, and foster care programs, PAWS helps find homes for thousands of animals every year! They also offer a low-cost spay and neuter program as well as a low-cost clinic to assist owners who are unable to afford basic veterinary care. To learn more about PAWS visit their website

The 6th annual Mutt Strut brought dogs and their humans together for a 1.5 mile scenic walk in the park to help raise funds and awareness for the PAWS foundation. Gen3 is a proud sponsor of PAWS and spent the day at the park “strutting” their stuff as well offering some great electrical and lighting tips to the two-legged guests.

Even Oggi came out to show his support for his fellow dogs! Oggi, the Gen3 mascot, makes sure their electricians are regularly “trained”, certified, and current on all electrical standards. He doesn’t let the Gen3 team forget to pay attention to their customer’s expectations, like respecting the customer’s home by cleaning up after themselves.

The Mutt Strut was a big success! PAWS raised roughly $95,000 with help from all of its sponsors, volunteers, and those who donated to the cause.  Philadelphia’s animals greatly appreciate the hard work from all who participated. Great job everyone!


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