Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Blog about how to Blog

The first step is to go to the blogger login and enter your user name and password. Sorry I can't post that here. 

This is the page Blogger open too. The information here changes from time to time. To get to our blog you click on the link in the red circle. There is also a pen button to the right that will take you directly to the posts. 

The next page is full of blogger stats. This is a cool page to look at. As you can see since I stopped blogging every our stats have started to drop. This is bad and the reason I'm Blogging about Blogging. The goal it to teach my office how to Blog. To look at the blog you click on the link in the red circle. "Veiw Blog"

Now it is time to go to the blog drafting page. To get there you click on the link in the red circle. "NEW POST"  The new post will become the new first page of the blog. 

Here is the blog editor. It is a simple word processor. The tool bar on top has all the basic item you need to write a simple blog. There is a preview button to see what it looks like live. After you like what you see you can post the blog live. 

Blogger is simple to use. You can find tricks by Googling Blogger training.  When my office staff get good at posting I may teach them some HTML. Now that is dangerous. 

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