Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PSCA Home Tour

Passyunk home tour
Last week was a busy week for Bill and Debbie Lutz, owners of Gen3, who graciously decided to showcase their home for the Passyunk Square Civic Association’s annual Home Tour! The PSCA is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation whose main goal is to improve the overall quality of life within its neighborhood. PSCA works to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood and promotes creating and maintaining a strong bond between residents, businesses, and institutions. Since Gen3 is also dedicated to working with our neighbors to update the electrical wiring and features in their homes to improve the safety and equity of their largest investment, we decided the two groups are a perfect fit and are happy to become more involved in our community by supporting the PSCA.  The annual Home Tour, which took place Saturday, October 13th, is one of the PSCA’s most successful and important fundraisers. This self-guided tour of homes throughout the Passyunk Square area serves as a great way to share ideas on renovation and contractors, as well as a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors. 

Bill and Debbie worked hard to get their home ready for the community event by finishing their home renovations to show off in the tour! In particular, Bill and Debbie’s home showcased many of the different electrical and lighting options a homeowner can include in their home renovations, especially with a focus on energy efficiency. These “green” upgrades gave the community plenty to think about when it comes to the safety, quality, and creativity of many electrical features, not to mention an increase in the value of their homes!        

Philadelphia Rooftop Decks
Another great feature of Bill and Debbie’s home is their beautiful rooftop deck. With everything needed for a grand outdoor extravaganza, it definitely brings a little more of the great outdoors to the Passyunk neighborhood! This is a great example of how to embrace the outdoor space within the city.
Green, outdoor space is a vital component to a healthy and active community. These types of areas are also important for sustaining a social, ecological, and environmental well being. Green spaces provide room for recreational activities as well as growing local food, and community gatherings. They also create many habitats that are home to different species of birds, fish, and insects.  These spaces also help the environment in natural processes such as rain water infiltration and carbon dioxide absorption. Outdoor environments within the city give the community a great place to connect, a happy place to grow, and an important place to protect. 


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