Monday, May 14, 2012

Insuring an old home that has knob and tube wiring |

Insuring an old home that has knob and tube wiring |

We see knob and tube in many older Philadelphia homes. As a professional who has something to gain it is difficult to explain to home owner that this is something that they need to be concerned with. Many homeowner have lived with their wiring for 50-60 years problem free. It is difficult for them to see that their older wiring is an issue. We also see many electrician who have work with this type of wiring for 50-60 years who also over look the problem because they are too close.

I typically ask my clients to call their insurance companies for more information. Electrical system are generally very safe. The issues with older wiring are more apparent to insurance companies.  When and older electrical system fails the loss of life and property are huge. Insurance companies average thousands of home and are coming to the conclusion that homes with Knob and tube are a risky  to insure.


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