Thursday, December 8, 2011

PECO's power line going bad

No Power in the house because of Service Cable.

This is a video of a house that lost power. The cable outside that attached to the PECO power lines has rotted away. The outside cable looks to be about 40 to 50 years old. The outer jacket of the cable is is no longer intact. The sun and weather has washed away the jacket exposing the the wires on the inside of the cable. There are three parts to this cable. A Black wire, A Red wire and a bunch of Aluminum that wrap around the the cable.

The RED&Black wires delivers 120volts to ground or 240 volt between each other. The Aluminum wires warping the cable is the ground. After the jacket of the cable weathered away the Aluminum ground became exposed to the elements. The ground wire is the return path for your power. When that dissolved in the weather the cable started to smoke and power was lost to this house.

On the inside we can see the fuse panel that is attached to the cable that failed. This electrical system should have been updated years ago. Letting your electrical equipment get this old is like driving a car on bald tires. Your car will run fine until the tire pops. Most of the time you will get lucky and have no real problem just a flat. Occasionally you could find yourself stranded. On rare occasion this lack of maintenance end in a tragic accident.

This client was just left stranded. They did not plan on this unexpected expense when they lost their power. They were very inconvenience and has had no power for several day. I think that they were lucky. This problem could have cause a house fire. They could of ended up with no electricity and no house.
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