Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is behind the wall is what counts!!!

Knob and Tube wiring is quickly moving from outdated to dangerous!!!

Knob and tube wiring was common in the 1910's to the 1940's. This makes some of the wiring installations over 100 years old. The switches, outlets and cover plates can be changed to make your home look more attractive. Newer devices and a newer electrical service don’t improve your homes wiring. 

Above is a picture of that same switch and outlet pictured from behind. Here you can see the cloth and tar covered wires that feed the newer outlet and switch. The wiring has done a good job for many years but time has clearly aged this installation. Knob and tube wiring has been outdated now for over 50 year. Many insurance companies are starting to move it over in to the dangerous category. Either raising premiums or just not covering it.  

The picture above show details of different conditions knob and tube wiring can be in when the walls are opened. The most alarming thing we find is how different contractors have added to or changes how the wires were intended to be used. The electrical systems that were installed in the first half of this century were never intended to power the type of wonderful thing in the modern home.  

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