Monday, October 31, 2011

There are No ghost in you wires

Only gremlins!!

Happy halloween

I just left a house today with mysterious electrical problems. The house had rooms that stopped working and lights that flickered. This is a common problem that people have and too often it gets ignored. If some of your electric stops working it needs to be fixed! It is a dangerous idea to just blame that non-working light or outlet on ghosts. The real reason most electric stops work is due to a bad connection. Bad connections can start a fire that will destroy your home.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knob and Tube wiring caught on fire.

Dangerous of old wiring

This is a close up picture of what could have been a real tragedy. There was a 1930's knob and tube outlet cut into this base board. If you look closely you can see the square coroners of where the outlet use to be. The wiring to this outlet failed. The outlet started to short out but not enough to trip the circuit breaker. This started a small smoldering fire.

This fire was starting to work its way up the wall space when the owner found it. Luckily for her she had to come across the fire by accident. By the time all the children were gathered and brought outside there was smoke coming out of the roof of this home. The fire department was able to stop the fire before it spread anywhere else. 

Still the water damage from the fire started by one outlet on a closet wall was extensive. After the fire department left three floors of this house had major water damage from the fire hoses. 


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Peco's Responsibility?

Who's problem is this??

Many home owners are not sure where the electric company stops being responsible for the utility wires. In this picture you can see both Peco's power lines and the power line from this home meeting. Peco's line is the line that is running along the top of the house. The home owner's line is the one running vertical up the side of the home.  PECO's responsibly stops at the point where the two wires meet. 

The home owner's like has become detached from the home. This is the responsibly of the homeowner to have repaired. Meter reader reports report unsafe wiring to PECO.  Sometimes PECO will cut line like this of the power grid without warning because they are dangerous. 

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Modern Dining room Light fixture

The lighting that you choose can make or break your style

This is an interesting dinning room light fixture that I want to share with everyone. It fits well in a modern classical city condo. The clean line of the fixture base are very common in the new high end designs. The crystal around the lights are reminiscent of the a classical chandelier.

We can't wait to see what you pick out for your dinning room Lighting

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

What you need to ground your TV and Phones

How to ground your TV and Phone

As we become more dependent on electronic equipment the importance of having good grounding is becoming more apparent. For this reason the national electrical code has add the need for the addition of an Intersystem Bonding Termination block. Poor grounding can be the cause of your fuzzy TV single or noisy phone line. 

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