Friday, September 30, 2011

Energy saving light bulbs.

Flourescent light bulbs are looking better then ever

This is a chandelier in a Penn Presbyterian Medical Center that is on 24/7. The hospital has replaced the bulbs with flourescent  bulbs. The fixtures has 15 bulbs. Normal bulb would run 375 watts. The Compact Fluorescent Lamp is only burning 75 watts.  

This is a great use of flourescent light. In this situation the hospital will see a quick return on the investment. The long hour of usage  and the non-dimming nature work well with Flourescent bulbs. The newer designs look much better then they have in the past.

We still don't recommend them for residential  use unless they are requested by our clients.  The main problem is the light quality doesn't work as well in a home and the lack of dimming. We are hopeful that there will be some LED bulbs coming on to the market soon that will be a better fit for energy savings in the home. 

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