Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Qualified Electrician or Handyman

"Looking for a cheap Electrician"

There is nothing wrong with trying to save a buck or two. The problem is when you try to compare apples and oranges. There are many people out there who claim to do electrical work. The pictures below show two solutions to an electrical problem. They both work but one was much cheaper than the other. One is much safer than the other as well. Close the drop ceiling and you may never know that there is a problem.

The picture above shows a 10/2, 30 amp dryer line connected into a 12/2 20amp line. The junction is a flying splice. That means it is not covered by an electrical box and has no fire protection from sparks. The circuit is not fused correctly for the application. Even with all this wrong the circuit still will work. It just is not up to code or as safe as it should be.

The picture above here show the same junction corrected by an electrician. This time there is no Orange wire. The dryer line goes directly to the circuit box and does not share a circuit breaker with anything else. The cut black wires are covered in a metal box. This way if/when the connection goes bad (everything goes bad in time) the sparks cannot start a fire.

"Penny Smart Dollar Foolish"

That is how my Mother would describe this problem. In the long run hiring a handyman may not be the cheaper option. Generation 3 Electric has been in the industry for 3 Generations. We do the work right so that you don't have any future problems.
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