Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old wires with a strange beauty

The original fuse box from a home built in the 1910's

Above is the original metal box that housed the fuses to a home in West Philadelphia.  The fuses were removed a long time age and the circuits were splice in the old box and ran to a new fuse box. I know this was so long ago because the wire connections were done with ceramic wire nuts.

I took a couple of photos for my records. I was surprised at how interesting the pictures of the old wires came out. The red wire and white wires against the black box really jumped out to me in the picture. I like the way they zigzag and end at the white porcelain wire cap. I also like that the older cloth wires seem to fade off in to the back ground.

Now, electrically this is a nightmare and not a thing of beauty. These wires are old. Some are at least 100 years old. This is a home that is in need of rewiring. Many insurance companies will not even issue insurance to homes with this type of wiring. (ungrounded knob and tube)

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  1. That is quite a vintage piece of electronics. The wires are still in working condition but will need re-wiring for more efficient cabling that leads to more efficient electrical power.

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