Monday, August 15, 2011

How to wire a Doorbell

Diagram and demonstration of how to wire a doorbell.

This is a diagram found on the back of a doorbell buzzer box. It shows the basics of how to wire a doorbell. 12 volts of Power leaves the transformer and goes to the bottom where the circuit is broken. When the button is pushed the circuit allowed to be completed. The power goes to the one end of the buzzer. Runs through the coils making the buzzer buzz and then back to the transformer

This is a close up picture of a standard doorbell transformer. It is mounted on to a panel box where it is feed up with 120 volts. On the doorbell side the voltage is 16volts AC/10watts.

This is the inside workings of the doorbell buzzer. The power traveled through the coils making the striker vibrate back and through hamming on the metal plate. This creates the buzzing sound. 

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