Monday, August 1, 2011

Hiding TV wires

Hiding an HDMI TV wire

This a special wall plate used for slipping low voltage wires into walls. It is designed to fit into a plaster ring style box. That is a box that is missing its' back.  This type of box was originally designed for Telephone jack but work equally well for TV wires. The adapter pictured here fit into the box and hides the hole but allows you to slip wires into you wall cavity. 

Here is a different style TV wire cover; this one covers the opening with a wire mesh. It can fit in to a plaster ring or a specially made TV communications box with a 110 volt power supply. 

Here is the finished TV box. On the right is the power supply. On the left is the wire mesh opening with the HDMI cable coming out. The box is recessed on the wall to allow a TV to be fitted tight to the wall. 

This is the first low voltage wire box installed. With this type of box extra wire can be neatly stuffed into the call cavity.
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