Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fishing wires around crown molding

What type of damage does electrical work do?

Here we have a home with classic plaster crown molding. The client needed a new wiring for a light in the center of the room. To do this we need to make a few holes in the wall and had to avoid damaging the room historical molding. There were also some old switches that needed to be removed and patched.

Holes were made on either side of the crown molding in the plaster and lath. A drill was inserted into the wall to make a hole in the top plate of the stud wall.  Additional holes were made along the ceiling to get the wire to the joist space where the light fixture needed to be placed.  The wire was then fished across to the location of the new light.

After the wire was ran we put on the first coat of patch. The crown molding was not disturbed and the plaster and lath was left in good shape. The client may need to do some lite sanding before painting but when that is done the room will look like good as new. 

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