Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bank owned property needing to be brought up to code.

Getting REO home's electric safe enough for PECO, an underwriter and a cut-in card.

The Main electrical service is open and has wiring that was never installed correctly. This needs to be taken app-art and installed correctly. The main connections need to be checked and the grounding needs to be inspected.

Throughout the basement there are several code and safety violations that need to be corrected. A general inspection and minor basement wire cleaning is needed. All loose wires need to be secured, open junctions need to be closed and non-operational wires need to be removed.

 The living spaces look to be in fair shape with minor electrical problems. There was no power when we looked at the property. We will need to restore power test that all the circuits are operating correctly. Any minor defect we would correct during this process.  Any circuits with major defects will be killed and blanked off so that they will remain safe enough for PECO to restore power to the property.

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