Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Add a GFCI to a Bathroom

New GFCI outlet in the bathroom

This is a bathroom that was constructed in the 1950. They loved pink tile back then. The problem is that they never put an outlet in the bathroom. Today bathroom outlets are required by the electrical code. To bring this bathroom up to today’s code we would need to get a 20 amp wire to the main panel. This would have caused too much damage and cost too much for the client.

Brian was able to find some wires installed illegally in the closet. Some handyman thought that the wire did not need to be in conduit in the closet. That is against code and not safe. Brian was able to put the wires in conduit in the closet and also use ten to add a new bathroom GFCI. NO damage was made!

Here is the finished GFCI in the bathroom. It is not directly over the sink but that was a much better option than cutting up the walls. 

Below is Anibal Fishing a new line for a new ceiling fan. He needed to make some holes. Electrical hole should be small and easy to repair. Sometime they are an OK option too.

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