Monday, July 11, 2011

Rewire Antiques Lighting fixtures.

Light fixtures rewired in Philadelphia

Charlie at C.Neri has been it the lighting business for the past 30 years. Here has a huge collection of Antique lighting fixtures. He will also take you love lighting fixtures and restore them with new wiring and a new socket. The wires in a lighting fixture do go bad over time. They can become fire hazards if they are not properly restored. After about 60 years the insulation on a fixture wire will become brittle and stat to fall apart.  Some lights are just not available any more so the best option it to have them restored. Generation 3 Electric doesn't rewire lighting fixtures but we can remove them so that they can be taken to be rewired at a store such as this great store on South Street in Philadelphia. 


Antiques & Lighting
313 South Street

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