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Power strip not working

Kitchen outlet not working

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I have a 5 outlet power strip hard wired to the underside of my kitchen cabinet and all 5 of the sockets are dead. I had a toaster oven plugged into one of the sockets and it worked until a few days ago. The circuit breaker is on. is this something that can be repaired or does the power strip need to removed and replaced? Is this a job I can do myself? I have done minor electrical repairs such as replacing a light switch or wall socket. Any suggestions you have on how I should attempt to deal with this would be appreciated.



Your question concerns me. Kitchens are where home owners use some of their most power intense appliances. Toasters, Coffee makers, crook pots, warmer etc use close to 50% of a 20 amp circuit. There should never be a power strip use in a kitchen (unless it was designed for that application). A modern kitchen in a new construction home will have 7 to 10 dedicated circuits. Older kitchens may only have one or two. A power strip will not fix this.

The additional circuits were added to the code because of the problems you are describing.  Power strip can be very convenient but they are not a substitution for too few circuits. When a circuits is expanded with power strips you are increasing the demand on that circuit. That is something you don't want to do in a kitchen because you can over load and damage a power strip.

I think you will need to call an electrician and have additional circuits installed in your kitchen. Without seeing your situation I think the problem is in your power strip. Over loaded power strips can burn up inside. It fire hazard to attach an over loaded power to a combustible wooden cabinet.

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  1. I had this same problem at my house. I had to call an electrician to fix it.