Thursday, July 21, 2011

Noise coming from bathroom fan.

Whisper quite bathroom fans

Here is a video of the quite bathroom fan we install for our customers. Watch the video and see if you can hear being turned off and on. We use a piece of toilet paper to show the air flow because many of our clients just can't hear the fan working.

Older bathroom fan are noisy for many reasons. Many older fans were designed with metal grills and other parts that would rattle and magnify motor noise. There were not sound breaks built into the fans. As these fans get older the metal parts loosen up and the noise that the bathroom fan make gets worse.

The other thing that makes bathroom fans noisy is simply the dirt and dust that collects on the fans. Bathroom fans sound like dying cow or alley cats in heat when the motor's bearings become clogged with dust. In older fans the bearing and fan winding are in the exhaust air stream. Newer better designed fans have the motor outside the air stream. This design change will keep the fan working quieter longer. There is also less of a chance that the fan will cease up and over heat. When fan over heat there is a chance that they can start a fire by igniting the lint built up

The Finished Look Of The New Bathroom Fan

Here are some of the Generation 3 Electric techs up in the attic replacing the fans. Replacing the bathroom fans from above is nice but they can also be removed in homes without attic access.
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