Friday, July 15, 2011

New 100amp Panel

Two Gang Meters Socket with Two Panels

This is a duplex rental unit with two electrical panels in the shared basement. This electrical service has been upgraded in parts over the years. The panel on the right was in the worst condition. Often in rental unit the owners choose to only repair the worst parts of an electrical service to save money and keep their balance sheets cleaner. Homeowners tend to do better with a full service upgrade because it will give them the convenience of longer uninterrupted service.

The new panel on the right is a 100 amp 20 circuit panel. The panel that it replaced was a 1960 8 circuit panel. We use more circuits now so the extra space is a good investment. The new panel has already separated 4 circuits that wore doubled up in the old panel. Circuits get doubled up when electrical circuits are added to panels without room. The amount of circuit a house needs has increased greatly since the 1960 and will continue to increase into the future. Having extra space is something that will save money in the long run.

The panel on the left was changed out already. It looks to be a 100 amp 16 circuit panel from the 1980. That was a common option back then. Now, the most common option in a city row home is the 100 amp 20 circuit panels. Now homes are being built with 200amp 30 circuit panels almost as a standard. 

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