Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitchen Exhaust fan

Through the wall Kitchen Exhaust Fan

This is an old broken electric kitchen fan. When it worked it did a great job moving the hot smoky air out of the kitchen. The problem is the service life of a kitchen fan is only 15-20 years. After that you have a rickety hunk of metal on your wall that serves no function.

We  have changed the electrical motors but they are hard to locate and don't always mount as well as the factory version. Replacing the motor is not normally the best option. It dose cost more because of the time that is involved finding the correct replacement parts

Here is Generation 3 Electric's Dave pulling out the old fan. Some of these kitchen fans are not easy to get out of the wall. It can take some hammering or a reciprocating saw. It always takes some sweat.

This is Dave's happy look because he finally was able to pull out the old fan. This fan did not come easy.

The first part of installing a  new kitchen fan is the outside hood. OK, ripping out the the old fan is the first step. The new fan needs to be fitter to the hole. This rally means more hammering. This time it took a chisel.

Finally the outside is finished. The new fan looks much cleaner than the old rusty fan. It also has a much lower profile. This fan is black. This picture doesn't do the new fan justice. It is much better looking than the old fan.

On the inside is where the new fan looks best. Above is the old grill. Years of service has left it a beat up ugly eye sore in this kitchen. The new fan below will help to make this kitchen look better.

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