Monday, July 18, 2011

Is PECO responsible for this wire?

Electrical Service Entrance

The wires coming down from the PECO's main power supply are the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes the meter socket but not the meter clock. Above we are showing a meter with a damaged wire that has a poor repair. Electrical tape will not protect this cable correctly.

The weather head is where you’re responsibly end and PECO's starts. The pictures above show a weather heads that is falling off of the structure. This would be the responsibly of the home owner to repair and not the electric company Loose weather head make bad connections. This can cause voltage problems in the house that will damage electronic. 

This service above is about 30 t0 40 years old. The jacket of the cable is starting to show the signs of drying out. This is the best time to call in a professional electrician to update your electric.

Here is a picture of a 100 amp electrical service that is dangerously ready to fail. All the insulation protecting the wire is gone. This has exposed the ground/neutral of the main service. This wire in now has current carrying wires that can be touched by someone walking down the street. It is very dangerous to touch live wires that have lost their insulation. You would not want to drive a car with bold tires and you should not want your electrical service be without its protective jacket.  

This is work that is much cheaper to schedule to have done. Life without electricity is not pleasant. This cable will go stop work soon or a PECO lineman may disconnect it from the grid because it is unsafe. Then you have an emergency electrical outage and it will be much more difficult to have this work done at a good rate. 

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