Monday, July 18, 2011

Fishing a wire for a New GFCI outlet

Toto ToiletImage by weegolo via Flickr

Fishing a wire for a Toto Toilet Seat

This is Dave and Bill in a Center City Philadelphia Condo Fishing in a new outlet for a high tech toilet seat made by Toto. This is a finished bathroom with a dropped ceiling.  We had to take extra steps to avoid doing too much damage to the drywall.

The solution was to use the bathroom exhaust fan as a point from where we could catch the wire fish. We had 120 volts at the light fixture by the sink. The light fixture was about 14 feet away from where we needed to drop down. We could not have done this without damage if the fan was not there.

The outlet for the Toto Toilet needed to be mounted on a tile wall. To access this location we found a join in the tile and chipped it back to access the wall cavity. Any other location could have cracked the tile. The wire was fished down the wall to the new location. This building is a condo and needed to have Metal Clad or MC type wire.

The finished outlet was installed in a wiremold box. This was done to minimize the potential damage to the tile. The outlet for the Toto Toilet seat  is GFCI protected. This is because of its location in the bathroom. We would not want anyone to get shocked on the can. That would be embarrassing.

Finally the wire going to the outlet gets connected in the light fixture box. Dave did an expert job with this outlet installation. Very little damage was done and the client only had one tiny location that had to be patched.

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