Monday, July 11, 2011

Assembling a Crystal Chandelier


Here is a newly installed Crystal Chandelier installed in an old factory building that was converted in to condos. This Chandelier is hung in the center of the space. The height of the Chandelier is was set to be level with the bottom of the curtains. 

This was a difficult space to get to. The ceiling is 20 feet tall and was located in the build in a space where normal ladders could not be brought in. For this job we need to bring in a multi-purpose folding ladder. The ceiling was poured concrete so the fixture was feed with surface wiremold.

Crystal Chandeliers come in individual pieces. All wrapped individually in packing material. It is important to inspect all the crystal to make sure that there are no broken crystals. This Crystal Chandelier has over to 300 individual parts that need to be installed in the correct order. This is not a do it yourself project. 

All of the individual arms of the Crystal Chandelier need to be wire inside the fixture before the crystal chains and tear drops can be added. The wires are hidden in a gold dish that fits inside of a crystal globe. 

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