Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adding an outlet on a kitchen Island

Counter top outlets in a kitchen

Island counter top can be challenging to add outlets too. By the National Electrical Code every counter top should have an outlet with in 2 feet from any point. That doesn't mean that this rule is always followed. Here is a brand new kitchen that had no outlet on this island counter top.

To add an outlet we cut in two pilot hole at the corner of where the box needed to be set.  We then used a finish saw blade to cut in the new outlet box.

This is Todd one of Generation 3 Electric head electricians looking at his fine work. The outlet here was chosen to blend in with the wood of the counter top. This was added in with an old work box but thanks to Todd skill It looks like it was all way there,

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  1. Check the electrical codes - I don't think this meets requirements since it is under a >6" overhang. It would work just fine though and looks nice!