Friday, July 29, 2011

Ceiling Fans installed.

Beat the heat and Save money with Ceiling Fans

Generation 3 Electric can help you spruce up your living space by installing new ceiling fans. The right fan can be both stylish and add to the comfort of your room. We have even been told that ceiling fans installed in the bedroom help people sleep better because of the white noise and gentle breeze they produce.

Don't Have an electrical box or light in the ceiling. Don't worry

We can run new wire in all types of structures.  We can apply the first coat of patch before we leave. After you have fresh coat of paint you will not even know we were there. Our technicians are clean and professional. We clean up as we go and will leave you home as clean or cleaner then we started. 

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Installing an electric oven and cook top.

Replacing an electric Range with a cook top and an oven

Here is a remolded kitchen where the client went with a two piece electric cook top and wall oven instead of a one piece range. The two piece system gave the client a few inches of extra counter space and keeps crumbs from falling between the range and the counter.  The drop in stove top is a great option when working with a granite counter top.

The wiring needed to be changed to work the two new kitchen appliances. The older range worked off of one 50 amp circuit. The cook top needs a 40 amp direct ling and the oven need a 30 amp direct line. We were able to reuse the 50 amp line to power the cook top. The range outlet was removed and directly wired into the whip coming out of the cook top. A new line was added to the power the in the wall oven. 

The cook top lifts up off of the counter to expose where the connection are made.  This makes the connections for both the oven and the stove top easily serviceable. Kitchen appliances use high voltage and we don't recommend this as a do it yourself project. It is also something that you do not want to have done by a handy man. These appliances are designed to have two circuits. They cannot both be wired to the old range line even though both of these components were in you old range. The internal wiring of individual appliances are not size for that application.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whole house Fan for a Philadelphia Town Home

Photo of a whole-house fan and its shutters, p...Image via Wikipedia

What is a Whole house fan?

A whole house fan can be a confusing topic for homeowner with homes that are not 1980 or new Subaru track house. There are fans designed to fit into the large attics of these newer types of home. These fans are what are generally referred to as whole house fans. The standard whole house fan will not fit into most of the housing stock found around the city.

There are ways to accomplish the same whole house ventilation in a home that are of an older design. Here is an example of a house that we added two 1500 CFM powered roof vents to. We then cut a whole from the attic to the second floor hallway. A whole house fan designed for a suburban home produces around 3,500 to 4,000 CFM for homes that average 3,000 SQFT. 

Here is the Access that we make into the attic. This Access hole will be covered by a grill after everything is completed. This home is at least 80 to 100 years old. It still has plaster and lath construction.  This home only has a tiny attic space. A fan sold as a "whole-house fan" would not fit into this space.

Here is a look up into the attic after the plaster and Lath has been removed. The hole in the roof is where the roof vent is located. We are going to remove the roof vent and install two powered roof vents. The two powered roof vents will move a total of 3,000 CFM of air out of the small attic space and the home. 

Here is that same roof vent viewed from the roof. We are going to remove this non-powered roof vent and add an attic fan kit in its place. This type of fan is commonly used to large vent attics in housing developments. The fans attach to the roof under the shingles or get mucked down onto flat roofs.  

The new attic fan is larger than the existing roof rent. We use a template to cut out the hole for the new Attic fan or powered vent. This is simple to cut with a sawzall or a jigsaw. You need to take special care not to damage the roofing shingles. You also need to know where the stricture for the roof is before cutting. 

This is a close up of the 1500 CFM powered roof vent before it is set under the shingles. It is often referred to a roof mushroom fan. The fan fit inside the center of the dome. Pulls air up the middle and vents it on the outside of the dome. This shape allows the air to get out without letting rain water in. 

Here is the completed roof fan. It was fitted to fit under the roofing shingles. The fan is secured with roofing nails and is water sealed with roofing compound. This turned out to be a very clean installation.  We still need to return to finish up the inside wiring. When this is done the two fans will act like a whole-house fan. Venting a house this way is a great way to save on cooling costs on a hot summer.

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Buzzing in the electrical panel

Bad main circuit breaker

This is a 200 amp main circuit breaker that went bad. From the front the breaker only looks old. This breaker was in an electrical panel that was about 30 years old. That is the designed age for most of this type of equipment. Electrical services should be replaced when they become this old to avoid service failures. 

This is a picture of the back side of the same breaker. You can see that the problems started on the far left side. This is where the buzzing and sizzling was occurring.  The cause of this is normally corrosion or a loose connection. This produced heat that can lead to a fire if not corrected.

When we were called out to this problem we could see a small amount of smoke coming from the breaker. There was a slight burning smell coming from the panel.  The owner of this panel did a great job finding this problem before there was an electrical fire. This is a picture of the back side of the same breaker. You can see that the problems started on the far left side. This is where the buzzing and sizzling was occurring.  The cause of this is normally corrosion or a loose connection. This produced heat that can lead to a fire if not corrected.

Here is the panel the breaker was taken out of. The circuit breakers are almost all twin style breakers. These are breaker double the amount of circuit that normally fit into an electrical panel. Twins are OK to use but we don't think they are a great solution for most people.  A better solution is to install a bigger electrical service that can handle full size breakers. Here the twins probably are to blame for extra heat buildup. The heat buildup is all most definitively to blame for the failure of this main breaker. 

The solution here was to add two 200 amp panel with full size breaker and extra space for future circuits. This allows for more air space. Now, the panel will not build up as much heat and everything will run cooler. 

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Customer Feed Back

We follow up to make sure our customers are happy.

Brick twin house in West Philly. Pic I took wh...Image via Wikipedia


In response to the voicemail I rec'd, everything went well with the installation of the outlet and the removal and installation of my ceiling fan.  The men were very professional, did what seems to be an excellent job; cleaned up after themselves and left.  Thanks.

Debra  (West Philly)

After our electricians finish a job Generation 3 electric is not done. We follow up with our customers to make sure that we did everything they expected.  This is what I call a "happy Call". Doing this has been an amazing way to find out all the little things that homeowners want in an electrical service professional.  Unlike other companies  Generation 3 Electric focuses on helping homeowners. Working in people's home take a special set of skills and a dedication to professionalism.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Computer lines Installed

Professionally installed high speed computer lines

More and more high speed computer lines are need to keep everyone connected. Here is one of our Electricians putting together a RJ-45 jack as part of a CATe network. This type of computer network is very common for the computers in an office. It is also becoming a necessity in homes that have internet ready electronics.

 TVs, Apple TV, Google TV, Gaming systems, XboxPlayStation and the Wii are all getting connected to the internet.  All of these systems are also serving videos and connecting to services such as Netflix. Many of these systems do work with WiFi but that never work as well as a land line that take you directly to the internet. Who want choppy videos when you are trying to relax?

Generation 3 Electric's trained electricians can help you get the wires to where you want them without turning you home into a giant bowl of spaghetti. After all it takes the same skills to fish your electrical line cleanly as it does to run a data network.
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Noise coming from bathroom fan.

Whisper quite bathroom fans

Here is a video of the quite bathroom fan we install for our customers. Watch the video and see if you can hear being turned off and on. We use a piece of toilet paper to show the air flow because many of our clients just can't hear the fan working.

Older bathroom fan are noisy for many reasons. Many older fans were designed with metal grills and other parts that would rattle and magnify motor noise. There were not sound breaks built into the fans. As these fans get older the metal parts loosen up and the noise that the bathroom fan make gets worse.

The other thing that makes bathroom fans noisy is simply the dirt and dust that collects on the fans. Bathroom fans sound like dying cow or alley cats in heat when the motor's bearings become clogged with dust. In older fans the bearing and fan winding are in the exhaust air stream. Newer better designed fans have the motor outside the air stream. This design change will keep the fan working quieter longer. There is also less of a chance that the fan will cease up and over heat. When fan over heat there is a chance that they can start a fire by igniting the lint built up

The Finished Look Of The New Bathroom Fan

Here are some of the Generation 3 Electric techs up in the attic replacing the fans. Replacing the bathroom fans from above is nice but they can also be removed in homes without attic access.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lighting Showroom For the Main Line and Philadelphia

Rittenhouse Electric one of the best lighting showrooms in the Philadelphia Metro Area

“In 1957, Norman Aronson opened his doors for business at 14 Rittenhouse Place in Philadelphia’s historic Main Line. More than half a century later his children and grandchildren are still running the business at the same location.
What started as a small “mom and pop” store, selling basic electrical supplies and a few light fixtures, today has grown into the area’s best lighting showroom and electrical. Rittenhouse Electric services every aspect of the electrical distribution and lighting industry. Our customers range from electricians, builders and general contractors to architects, interior designers, lighting designers and home owners. Rittenhouse Electric has made a name for itself by specializing in high-end decorative and offering lighting design service. We are also known in the area as the leader in lighting control expertise. Our certified lighting control sales people handle design, programming and material, and will work with your electrician or contractor to ensure smooth implementation of your lighting control project.
Here at Rittenhouse Electric you’ll find all the personal touches you would expect from a small family-owned business – like our friendly, knowledgeable sales people that know the customers by name, and our same-day delivery to electrical supply counter customers. We also provide all the services you would expect from a large, well-established business – like the hundreds of lighting lines we carry, and our ability to competitively bid large commercial jobs.
At Rittenhouse Electric we have built our business, one customer at a time, on a rock solid commitment to customer service. Come in and experience it for yourself!”

Rittenhouse electric is a great place to find the lighting that you can't get at the big box store. They have a large current show room full of all the current styles and the classics. The quality of the light fixtures here is far above that you can find almost anywhere else.

[ Large selection of  of plaster coins and medallions]

The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable. They also offer lighting design services where they will sit down with you and look at your space and help you find that correct lights for your space and your style.

[On every bit of ceiling space hangs different types of chandeliers]

[ Displays of wall sconces are grouped by style and manufacturer.]

[ Large selection of outside lighting and post heads ]

They also sell electrical supplies

14 Rittenhouse Place
Ardmore, PA 19003
p (610) 649-2609
f  (610) 649-0833
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